Based in Aarhus, Denmark, CoffeeIsTheNewBlack is an independent company, but collaborates with a network of professionals involved at every level of the coffee industry.

In a world where coffee has been a trivial commodity for way too long, CoffeeIsTheNewBlack’s ambition is to make you rediscover and understand coffee as an exceptional artisanal food product developed with care and craft such as wine, tea or chocolate.

CoffeeIsTheNewBlack puts focus on teaching, sharing, and demonstrating professional knowledge about coffee.

There is a lot more to explore about coffee than you would ever think…


You have an existing business or you are thinking about opening a new shop?

Public focus on quality food and beverage products has never been as high as now, so let’s improve together the quality of your coffee…. CoffeeistheNewBlack’s knowledge and experience in the field will benefit you.


CoffeeistheNewBlack provides professional training to your staff (espresso drinks, coffee brewing, latte art…)


CoffeeistheNewBlack guides you and connects you with local quality coffee roasters and suppliers.


CoffeeistheNewBlack advises you on the optimal usage of all the equipment that you will need to operate your shop, as well as their best position in order to achieve an efficient workflow.

Menu development

CoffeeistheNewBlack helps you develop a coffee menu that suits you, provides coffee based recipes and pricing recommendations that will work for your business.

You want to set up a meeting or want to know more about consulting services?


CoffeeIsTheNewBlack organizes a wide range of coffee workshops from fundamentals to competition level. Those can take place in a coffee bar, in a coffee training facility, or wherever you feel like.

These are examples of Workshop themes. If you have any special requests, please contact CoffeeIsTheNewBlack:


Barista / Espresso

Grinding, tamping techniques, espresso preparation, milk steaming, latte art, espresso machine cleaning.

black coffee

Black Coffee brewing

Understanding the different brewing methods (V60, Chemex, Aeropress, ...) and the science of coffee extraction.


Sensory Experience

Coffee tasting (coffee cupping), exploring and understanding our sense of taste (perception, flavors, basic taste…)

CoffeeIsTheNewBlack likes to answer your needs, contact us to find out more about the workshops and which one suit you best


CoffeeIsTheNewBlack brews quality coffee and gives unusual taste experiences at your work, corporate event, party or anywhere you demand it.

With professional coffee equipment and skilled baristas committed to making you enjoy and appreciate quality coffee, your event will be unforgettable.

CoffeeIsTheNewBlack can make coffee for events of all sizes.

Always happy to talk you through what we can do and how it can fit in with your event…